Do we need shots?

Yes you may need vaccinations and medication depending on the location of the Mission. Many countries require proof of vaccinations. We will inform you of these requirements as well as recommended vaccinations and medications for each specific Mission. You can get your vaccinations through a local travel clinic or your primary care physician.



What if there is an emergency overseas?

For Missions where we travel by plane, Project Compassion provides worldwide insurance coverage for hospitalization, repatriation and medical expenses.


How much money do I need to bring?

This is an individual decision. There are occasions that you may want to purchase a soda, lunch or  gifts on a free day during sightseeing or shopping.


Will there be an exit fee when we leave a visiting country?


Countries may have an exit fee. We ask that you set aside approximately $75 in the event you need to pay this fee. Exit fees are always in US dollars.


What if I commit to a Mission and then request a refund?

If this is your first Mission with Project Compassion there is a $50 nonrefundable application fee.

When you commit to a Mission, there is a $300 deposit that is required.  This deposit is nonrefundable.

If an outreach is cancelled by Project Compassion due to extenuating circumstances, you will have the option of directing your contributions toward another Mission in the subsequent 12 months or you may request a return of contributions to you and your sponsors.
If at any time you cancel your commitment to participate on a Mission, contributions made to that date will not be refunded to you nor applied toward a future outreach.

We are a CEU Provider through the California Board of Registered Nurses

Project Compassion offers continuing education for our medical professional team members. When you sign up for one of our Missions please let us know if you are interested in 15 credit hours of continuing education. The education you will receive from our Director of Education will be related to the country we serve. After you successfully pass a test you will be provided confirmation of 15 credit hours of continuing education.