Luweero Uganda 2018


Trip Dates: August 10 – 23, 2018

Cost of Medical Mission Trip: $3,200 per person (if booked by January 30th).


Cost of Maasai Mara Safari Trip (optional component): $1,300 per person


Combined cost of both adventures: $4,500 per person.


After January 30th , airline flights will increase and the cost for both adventures might reach $4800, so book early.


Don’t miss out on the amazing opportunity to work with Project Compassion on a life-changing medical mission trip and experience Uganda, Africa! Our team will travel to Luweero, Uganda. We shall work with missionaries, Laura Luxemburg and Sister Ernestine, the founders of the Ssubi Foundation. We will be serving at Bishop Asili’s Medical Center which serves 49 villages in the area. This hospital facility is a Level 3 hospital with a surgical ward and has an amazing nursing school. Project Compassion volunteers will work in a number of different capacities. We shall be working in the clinics providing much needed medical examinations. We shall also provide reading glass clinics. Working with Ssubi provides our nurses with teaching opportunities for those interested in nutrition, high blood pressure, diabetes, HIV education and CPR classes. Urology specialists are also truly needed for educational outreach.


Please remember we always need lots of Helping Hands, so volunteers do not need medical experience.

Think about the opportunity to work side by side with Ugandans and spread God’s love. Take a moment to view the Youtube link to see the inspirational work that is taking place in Uganda and plan to join the PC team.



Safari on the Massai Mara, Kenya


After experiencing the joy of serving, PC team members, can chose to extend their trip and join us for an amazing safari in Kenya on the Maasai Mara. This is always an awesome team bonding experience and I am certain you will make life long friends. We will travel to Mara Simba Lodge and have three days of safari, experiencing something you have never seen before, the great migration. See the video below.


Safari cost $1,300 per person.

The cost includes all lodging, tips, transportation, breakfast, lunch and dinner. The only additional costs you will have is your Visa in Uganda and Kenya. Both must be purchased at the airport and are usually $50 or less. If you would like to visit a Maasai village and see firsthand how the Maasai live, an additional fee of $20 is required.