Do we need shots?

Yes. Many areas have different medical issues you will want to be guarded against by obtaining the proper immunizations. We will inform you of these recommendations but encourage you to visit a travel clinic either through your primary care physician or the many stand alone clinics.

What if there is an emergency overseas?

We automatically provide you with medical emergency care insurance as well as repatriation assistance. You will be given a confirmation number with your name on it for use while you are with the team on outreach. It covers you during the dates we publish for each trip you attend. Should you be extending your travels at the end of our proposed dates, you would be eligible to also extend your coverage. It is imperative to notify the office of your intentions 30 days prior to departure to secure this extra coverage.

How much money do I need to bring?

This is an individual decision. We have generally taken care of your expenses. There are occasions however that you will want to purchase a soda or perhaps a lunch on a free day during sightseeing or shopping. We always take time to visit the local tourist treasure shops. Only you know how much you want to purchase to bring home.

Is there an exit fee leaving the country?

Most countries do have an exit fee. We ask you set aside approximately $25 in the event you need to pay this fee. Exit fees are always in US dollars and not exchangeable for their currency at the window.

Is the trip refundable?

APPLICATION FEE: If this is your first time joining Project Compassion on an outreach, a $50 non-refundable application fee is required to cover the cost of processing your application.
GOOD FAITH DEPOSIT: A $300 non-refundable deposit is required at the time of acceptance as a sign of your commitment to join us on an outreach and to raise funds for Project Compassion.
If an outreach is cancelled by Project Compassion due to extenuating circumstances, you will have the option of directing your contributions toward another outreach in the subsequent 12 months or requesting a return of contributions to you and your sponsors.
If, at any time, you cancel your registration on an outreach, contributions made to that date will not be refunded to you nor applied toward a future outreach.