Roxana Kennedy

Roxana’s partnership with Project Compassion began in 2007 when she took her first missionary trip to Uganda. She was inspired and motivated to help those in need throughout the world. Since that life-altering mission, Roxana continued her call to service in Uganda, Mozambique, Kenya, and Malawi. Roxana believes we share the responsibility to help those who cannot help themselves. Traveling to a third world country is difficult and challenging, but the reward of making a lasting footprint toward the betterment of a civilization is immeasurable. The people in these impoverished areas throughout the globe are not only in need of physical care, but more importantly spiritual care. Project Compassion’s goal is to provide these citizens of the world with both.

Roxana’s passion for helping others is evident in her profession. She is a law enforcement commander with over 21 years of service in San Diego County and was made the Chief of Police of Chula Vista in early 2017. In addition to her call to service with Project Compassion, Roxana is an advocate for the locally indigent. She works with San Diego homeless coalitions to provide resources and meals for families throughout the year.

Roxana serves on the board of directors with PC and as a team leader on the medical mission trips overseas. She encourages potential volunteers to serve with Project Compassion and make their contribution to a world in need. Roxana states, “Working with Project Compassion has enriched my life spiritually and emotionally”

“What we have done for ourselves alone dies with us; what we have done for others and the world remains and is immortal.” Albert Pike