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Dear Potential Participant,

Thank you for your interest in Project Compassion. We are pleased that you are considering working with us in providing medical care to needy people throughout the world by volunteering in our short-term missions program.

We organize teams of 12-50 people comprised of medical professionals, interpreters and laypeople. Medical needs and conditions vary from place to place and we therefore reserve the right to determine the composition and size of each team.

To expedite the processing of your application, it is important that we receive all necessary information, forms and copies of licenses. An application fee of $50 must be submitted with the Project Compassion application, and is not part of the trip donation requirement.

We are grateful for your willingness to participate with Project Compassion for we realize that it takes commitment and often many sacrifices. It is our prayer that The Lord will bless you personally and spiritually as you serve Him out of a loving heart.

May God richly bless you.


Roxana Kennedy,

Heal the sick that are there and tell them, “The Kingdom of God is near you.”
Luke 10:9

Mission Statement

Project Compassion is a Christ centered organization whose primary purpose is to share God’s love by ministering to the physical and spiritual needs of people who have little access to any medical care.

Vision Statement

Project Compassion has an international concern with a primary focus on evangelism. This is accomplished by working alongside a local church or missionary who has invited PC to be a part of their outreach to the community.

Through professional medical personnel, operating in current standards of care, we provide exams, diagnosis and treatment of disease in an effort to “heal the sick that are there and tell them the Kingdom of God is near.” (Luke 10:9, 10) This will be accomplished through short-term medical mission team trips. It will allow team members to use their talents and abilities in a foreign mission endeavor, exposing them to the opportunities in missions. The experience provides a potentially life changing encounter that may deepen the mission awareness and encourage further participation.

For national medical professionals it will provide a source of encouragement to participate in ministry combining medicine and evangelism. Wherever possible, every effort to provide an opportunity to share information and skills in medicine within the team structure will be provided.

Mission Statement

Project Compassion is an interfaith medical missions organization dedicated to advancing the gospel of Jesus Christ. We hold to the central teachings of scripture, that the Bible is the inspired word of God. We believe in the Triune God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit. We believe that Jesus is the Son of God and came to earth as God incarnate. He suffered and died on the cross, and after three days, he rose from the dead. He ascended into heaven and is seated at the right hand of the Father. We believe that Jesus will come again to judge the living and the dead, and that the Holy Spirit was given at Pentecost and lives in our hearts today when we accept Him as our Lord and Savior.

Although Project Compassion is nondenominational, we are united in our core beliefs. Our main focus is to advance the Gospel by assisting local churches and missionaries in their work and to help those in need. By focusing on our commonality and lovingly tolerating our differences, we show the love of Jesus Christ as we provide an opportunity for physical, emotional, and spiritual healing. Since the teams are made up of individuals from many denominational backgrounds, it is not the intent of Project Compassion to promote or discourage personal doctrinal beliefs. We ask everyone to be considerate and understanding of others’ personal beliefs and practices, particularly in different cultures and countries.

Put Your Skills into Action!

The environment varies with each area visited. We have conducted clinics in schools, churches, and open fields. On occasion we have set up in mud walled thatched roof huts. Team accommodations can vary from five star hotels, to sleeping in hammocks as guests of isolated and remote indigenous people. Our meals range from great restaurants to cooking over a fire in the jungle, as dictated by the accommodations. A typical Project Compassion clinic can be set up in thirty minutes even in the most remote locations. We provide the equipment needed to obtain vital statistics on each visitor, and supplies necessary for the physicians to evaluate and diagnose, including some laboratory testing. Each team is provided a complete formulary of medicine to dispense appropriate treatment to our visitors. Clinic logistics provide for individual evaluation with the physicians, and one-on-one sharing in the Prayer and Counseling area. Project Compassion has proven to be an effective and positive influence on many of those in the areas we visit. We are considered a valuable resource to our hosts that work in these developing nations.

Our services are open to all without prejudice and all services and medications are provided at no charge without exception. The talents required from volunteers are quite diverse, however the most common and valued element is the possession of a compassionate heart.

As a visitor is seen at our clinic, they progress through various areas for evaluation and care. They are greeted with love at Registration, and then go to Vital Signs, which is responsible for obtaining their height, weight, temperature and blood pressure and completing an initial assessment. While the visitors are waiting to see the examiners, we take advantage of the gathered queue and conduct Education in the area of nutritional and general health concerns. The next step is to go to the Examination areas. Here the medical needs are prioritized followed by examination, diagnoses and treatment. Each visitor is then offered the opportunity for individual sharing in the Prayer and Counseling area. The last stop is at the Pharmacy, where each prescription is filled and explained using interpreters when necessary. A typical clinic day will have two to three hundred people registered. Volunteers are needed for Special Services to maintain a smooth flow in the clinic, help where needed, and to share a warm smile throughout the process.

Doctors Dentists Chiropractors Nurses NPs PAs Pharmacists Helping Hands

We invite you to share your skills as you join our team and we will offer you an opportunity of personal, spiritual and professional growth. Many past participants have shared how much the experience has touched their lives. By working together to meet the physical and spiritual needs of others, we’re sure every outreach will be life changing.

Application for Medical Mission Trip

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Do you speak other languages proficiently enough to serve as an interpreter?Yes

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Church regularly attending, if any

Are you willing to give a 5-10 minute morning devotion?Yes

For your team shirt; please specify size

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How did you hear about Project Compassion?

Previous mission and/or cross-cultural experience:

What are you hoping to get out of the mission trip?

Do you have specific skills/gifts you would like to use on the trip?

Please send me more information on the following:
CEUs for RNs and LVNsSupport Raising Information

I have read the Mission Statement, Vision Statement and Statement of Belief provided in this booklet. I concur with the principles of Project Compassion.YesNo

If no, please explain why.

Contact to Notify in Case of Emergency

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Please read the information below and check each box

DEPOSIT Upon approval of my application, a $300 non-refundable deposit is needed to reserve my space on the team and will be applied to the costs of my trip.

PREPAYMENTS. Airline tickets or other outreach expenses will not be paid for me unless my Project Compassion trip account payments are up-to-date.

AIRFARE Included air travel costs are based on departures from San Diego or Los Angeles International Airport. If I am flying from another city, Project Compassion will make arrangements for me to join the team at the departure airport or the connecting airport, whichever is most feasible and economical. I will be responsible for any additional travel costs that may result with these connections.

LUGGAGE Airlines have varying fee structures for baggage, usually allowing two free bags per person on international flights. On Project Compassion trips each member has two bags—one personal bag and one Project Compassion bag. Should the airline allow only one free checked bag, the Project Compassion luggage is designated as the free bag. In these instances, I can choose to only use a carry-on bag to avoid being charged for a personal checked bag.

EXTRA EXPENSE I am responsible for costs for country entry/exit fees or visas when applicable. These additional expenses are not calculated into the cost of my trip. Should there be known costs I will be notified by Project Compassion. At times, Project Compassion does not know of added fees until arriving in the country.

CANCELLATION If, at any time, I cancel my registration on an outreach, all funds not already expended on my behalf may be used for another outreach with Project Compassion within 12 months of the cancellation. No monies are returned directly to me.

REFUNDS Funds submitted in excess of the minimum required contributions for each outreach will be treated as a general donation to Project Compassion and are not refunded to me. (This often covers expense shortfalls experienced on some mission trips.)

In order for your application to be complete, please include the following either by uploading them or mailing them into us.

-$50 application fee (Making deposit online coming soon)
-A recent photo

-A copy of verifying Medical information with initials

-A color copy of your driver's license/certificate

-A copy of your professional license/certificate(if applicable)

-A color copy of your passport

-If under 18 years old, a copy of your birth certificate

-After you receive your acceptance letter you will need to send in a $300
non-refundable deposit to be placed on the team.
You will be advised if additional color passport photos are needed for visas.