03 October, 2013
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Contact Us:

We will work with Sundar and Sareeta Thapa in the rural areas of Katmandu. They have been starting churches along with the local people who purchase the land with their own money, and Sundar raises the funds to build the building (a cost of about $3000.00). Our goal on this trip is to go into some of these areas, set up a free clinic for the indigenous people, show God’s love, and help grow the churches. We will have four days of clinics. The locals come and register and while waiting for a doctor, dentist or vision station we do some education.  After they have been seen they turn in their registration form to the pharmacy, and go to the prayer and counseling area where the Local pastor and his team meet the families and pray for their needs. This is the very crucial point of the whole process. This is where the relationship is built and the follow-up will then take place long after we are gone. After our four days of clinic are over we will have two days of sightseeing to see the beautiful country.

Extended Stay:  We are planning a three day trek and one day water rafting trip at an additional cost.  If you are interested in this please contact the office at info@projectcompassion.org for more details. This would extend your stay until the 17th of Oct and cost about $460.00 more. If you are interested in this please contact us ASAP.

Dead line to sign up is June 27th We have reserved 20 seats at the price quoted below. If you sign up after the deadline or after the 20 seats are taken we will do our best to reserve you a seat on the plane. The cost will be the current rate for flights.

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