19 April, 2013
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Haiti 2013

Project Compassion will be partnering with FFCC (Friends & Family Community Connection) to travel to Haiti in April.  We will depart March 29th on the red-eye flight and have Sunday to prepare for the clinic.  On Monday we will do an educational conference to present clinical updates/info to the MDs and nursing personnel for one day, followed by four days of clinics on Tues through Friday in the hills. We will have our base in a larger community.  Saturday will be a day to enjoy Haiti and Sunday we will depart home.  There is the option to go to the Dominican Republic for a couple of days leaving Sunday at an additional cost for air, hotel, and meals.  I would need to know before booking our flights if you are interested in the DR and how long you would like to stay.

About FFCC:
FFCC (Friends & Family Community Connection) started with Phil Harris picking up garbage in a local apartment complex and praying, “God, please show me how to care for the needs in this neighborhood.” Before long he started playing basketball with the kids and making some lasting friendships.   Additional friends started to join Phil and they became involved in the community.  The realization soon set in that we have to go to the people and meet them where they are.

Since its start in 1996, FFCC has grown to include many partners and community associations.  In addition to its local community efforts across the greater San Diego area, FFCC has also undertaken national volunteer efforts for disaster relief (e.g., in Mississippi after Hurricane Katrina, in San Diego after Fall 2007 wildfires), and is now involved in a growing number of international programs in Haiti and Tanzania, Africa, to feed and educate the children of those countries and to provide safe water to their families.

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