Chiapas Mexico 2022

Join the Project Compassion Team on a 7 Day Trip to Chiapas Mexico! 


Please join our team as we travel to San Cristobal (de la casas) in the state of Chiapas, Mexico.  We will be serving with Dr. Alberto and Laura Zamacona from Oaxaca, Mexico and Pastor Joel who lives and works in San Cristobal. Pastor Joel will arrange clinic dates for the local villagers that we will serve.


Saturday February 26, 2022 – returning to the United States on Saturday March 5, 2022.  All dates are subject to change slightly due to airline and hotel reservations and the status of the COVID19 pandemic.

San Cristobal is a beautiful city located in the mountains of Chiapas, with an elevation on 7,200 feet.  It is the cultural capitol of the state and the city has a European feel with cobblestone streets and Spanish colonial architecture.  The weather will be hot in the daytime, averaging 86-92 degrees but it cools down to the 40’s at night.


Cost of Mission Trip

The cost of the Chiapas Mexico Mission is $2,500 and is subject to change due to airline and hotel reservations.


We have a limited number of spots available.  A $1,000 deposit and an accepted application is due by October 30, 2021 to hold your spot. Your trip must be paid for in full by December 15, 2021.


Please complete the Project Compassion Application using the form below. Upon acceptance of your application, additional information will be provided to you.


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